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Automotive industry is going through the digital disruption while its product development life cycle is going through a fundamental change. With our network partners we are able to deliver high quality prototype parts to series part to save cost and time to market.

We support in identifying, validating and sustaining right partner for your products.


Precision and weight management have always been key challenges for aerospace parts. With 3D printing it is possible to provide just in time part to meet all key aspect of design and development before going for heavy investment. 


One of the most dynamic industry of today's time. Life cycle of electronic products could be as low as a few months therefore with our strong network we are able to meet dynamic demand support customization 


It may required to develop many prototype before coming to a final product, with our quick prototype support we are able expedite your product development journey 

Consumer Products

Aesthetics and ease of use is one of key requirement  for consumer products, packing the various functionality in state of art design is always a priority. With our Inno Lab and 3D printer partners, we help you to get ahead of game.


Medical equipment and packing is a new area where speed is now one of the factor. We support medical device development using 3D printing


It is import the test and try before making a heavy investment, we support both concept development and proving final design to go large production

Toys and Sport

We support from prototype development to finding suitable partner for toys and sport equipment 

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